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Foreign scientists attraction programme in 2016

Academician Y.A. Buketov Karaganda State University

Foreign scientists attraction programme in 2016

Programme resume

Programme objective: attraction of leading foreign scientists with lectures courses on topical problems of science, education, society, discussion of prospects of scientific and academic partnership and inter-university cooperation.

Attraction period:

  • Spring semester: 9 January – 4 May;
  • Fall semester: 1 September – 23 December.

Working languages:

  • English;
  • Russia;
  • Kazakh;
  • Other languages (if agreed so)

Duration of visit: 14 days and more

List of necessary documents for registration:

  • CV (Please, include in CV the 3-5 the most significant scientific works and also guest lecturing experience)
  • Plan of course (quantity of hours, name of lectures)
  • Scanned copies of documents certifying scientific/academic degree
  • Scanned copy of passport
  • Confirmation from the work place about possibility of guest visiting
  • Application form of guest lecturer

List of documents necessary for payment of guest lecturers:

  • VAT /TIC (Tax Identity Number)/other;
  • Pensioner agreement (certificate of pension charge, account number for contributions to pension fund, in case if applicable);
  • Business trip certificate (if applicable);
  • Visa copy (if applicable);
  • Travel documents, including boarding pass.

Proposed topics of guest lectures courses in 2016



1 Club system of physical education in high educational institutions (experience of foreign countries)
2 Modern problems of the theory and methods of physical culture and sports
3 Psychodiagnostics in the system of sports training
4 Methods of development of innovative projects of physical education in educational institutions and evaluation of their effectiveness
5 Theoretical bases and actual problems of international sports and Olympic movement
6 The problem of religious and ethnic tolerance in the world
7 Problems of historical geography
8 Actual problems of history, source study and historiography
9 The concept of local history development
10 Islam: Religion and Culture
11 Methods of teaching history
12 Sovereignty and world conflicts
13 The history of Turkic civilization
14 Demographic processes in the world
15 Everyday history of the 20 century
16 Actual problems of the historiography of the Great Patriotic War
17 Totalitarianism and political repression
18 Actual problems of history and archeology
19 German and comparative grammar, lexicography, corpus linguistics
20 Linguistics and intercultural communication
21 Problems of psycholinguistics and linguodidactics
22 Functional linguistics
23 Media and power. Experience of different countries
24 The future of print media in terms of internetization
25 Modern problems of Turkish literature
26 Language and Literature in the context of globalization
27 Actual problems of world literature
28 Convergent journalism
29 Language and literature in the social and cultural space
30 Russian language and literature in modern Slavic
31 Gender Studies. Gender Policy
32 Semiotics and symbols
33 Teaching English through the culture of its speakers
34 National Culture and Globalization
35 Problems of intercultural communication
36 The Russian language functioning in a foreign environment
37 Problems of ethnocultural vocabulary
38 Theory of speech culture
39 A new look at the phonetics
40 linguocultural and national concepts
41 Basics of advisory work with migrants
42 Using the methods of practical psychology in work with migrants
43 Narrative approach in psychology
44 Psychology of Religion
45 Philosophy of Art
46 Sociology in the context of professional and public interests
47 Modern social processes. Social Anthropology
48 Humanization of education: advanced formats
49 Eastern philosophy: the modern epistemological coordinates
50 Technologies of policy-making: theory and practice
51 Geopolitics in terms of the Central European perspective
52 War. Causes and mechanisms. The foreign policy of the countries
53 Comparative politics in Western and Eastern Europe
54 Different cultures of western and eastern civilization
55 The European perception of Central Asia and Kazakhstan in the system of international relations
56 Theory and Methodology of International Relations
57 The philosophy of law and politics
58 Social and political conflicts
59 Ethnological study of world culture
60 Sociology of risk
61 The role of the nuclear factor in world politics
62 The effects of the global financial crisis on the West
63 Problems of methodology of historical science
64 Actual problems of sources and historiography of history science
65 Ethnographic research and modernity
66 Issues of bilingualism in the education system
67 Actual problems of modern literary criticism
68 Social transformation of modern society
69 Postmodernism in the coordinates of culture and civilization
70 Current trends in the socio-political science
71 Basic scientific paradigm in historical research
72 Conflict and Society
73 Synergetics

Economy, Management, Business and Service

1 Logistical aspects of management (the experience of foreign countries)
2 The role of international financial institutions in the macroeconomic crisis
3 Financial and banking system in North America
4 Problems of reforming the public sector in the modern economy (for example, the scope of socially important benefits)
5 Eurasian Economic Union: the mechanisms of integration and its prospects
6 Methods of development of the investment project and assessment of its effectiveness
7 Features of competition in the conditions of accession to the WTO
8 Foreign experience of functioning of logistics centers
9 Features of the financial statements in foreign countries
10 Modern accounting treatment of financial instruments in the crisis
11 Problems of public sector reform in the modern economy (for example, the scope of socially important goods)
12 Institutional aspects of the modern economy functioning
13 Applied Macroeconomics and Economic Policy
14 Philosophy and methodology of economics
15 Service management as a new concept of modern management
16 Management - consulting as a form of professional advisory services
17 Public service in foreign countries
18 Models of the functioning of financial markets in developing foreign countries
19 Public-private partnership
20 Financial regulation of economy in the post-crisis period
21 Determining factors of occurrence and development of creative accounting forms and models of creative accounting
22 Geography of international tourism
23 Marketing of tourism
24 City ​​logistics
25 Corporate governance
26 International Business: Problems, state and prospects
27 Investment issues of national economy
28 Financial policy and monetary and financial system
29 Strategic Marketing
30 Marketing system in tourism and services
31 Organization and management of commercial activities of the company
32 Modern Logistics and Controlling
33 International trade - the postwar changes and current issues
34 Commodities markets
35 Economic Crisis: Background and forecasting
36 Multinational companies and the integration of strategy
37 Business informational systems
38 Corporate finance and evaluation
39 International Business
40 Organizational culture in a globalizing world
41 Tourism, culture, space and development
42 Business and competitive advantages
43 Economic Crisis: Causes and projections
44 Sustainable tourism development, policy and competitiveness


1 Problems of integration and the development of fine arts and design
2 Organization of research activity of students
3 Actual aspects of inclusive education
4 Professional competence of a modern teacher-psychologist
5 Entrepreneurship activity of the leading universities in the world
6 Endowment funds in the universities
7 Autonomous educational organizations
8 Learning outcomes and assessment methods
9 Exclusive and special education
10 Methodology and modern educational technologies of General and Inorganic Chemistry
11 Problems of teaching of foreign languages
12 The use of modern learning technologies of English
13 Problems and perspectives of teacher training
14 Problems and perspectives of preparing social educators and social workers in the new socio-economic conditions
15 Innovative technologies in the educational process
16 Personal and oriented education
17 Geometric ideas in physics
18 Professional education: problems and prospects
19 Assessment of the quality of education: international experience, functions and content
20 Features of training programs of athletes from different age groups
21 Sports movement in the EU
22 Sports medicine
23 Theoretical and methodological problems in the philosophy of education
24 Quality management of education
25 Theoretical and methodological basis for the development and improvement of training system, advanced training and retraining by branches
26 The role of the Bologna process in the development of national education systems
27 Methods to enhance the cognitive activity of students
28 Organization and conducting pedagogical experiment
29 Issues of integration and globalization of education in modern society

Natural sciences, Computing and Engineering

1 Chemical crystallography
2 The kinetics of reactions
3 Coordination Chemistry
4 Crystallography for non crystals
5 Stereochemistry
6 Magnetic properties of the solid phase reactions
7 Polymer nanomaterials
8 Medicinal polymers
9 Processing of solid fuel in liquid products
10 Processing of heavy oil residues
11 Chemistry of Natural Compounds
12 Thin organic synthesis
13 EPR spectroscopy
14 Bioactive polymers
15 The electronic and paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy of free radicals
16 Quantum and computer chemistry chemical reactions mechanisms
17 Quantum nanochemistry
18 Modern chemical and physical methods of substances and materials analysis
19 Ionic liquids
20 Current state in the field of catalysis of complex compounds
21 Mathematical logic
22 Inorganic polymers
23 Modern methods for the synthesis of inorganic nanomaterials
24 Achievements in the field of bioinorganic chemistry
25 Modern technologies for new inorganic materials
26 The latest achievements in the field of nanotechnology
27 Sphere of supramolecular compounds application
28 Nanostructure in polymer systems. Nanochemistry
29 Supramolecular chemistry
30 Petrochemistry . Catalysis in petrochemistry. Nanocatalysts in petrochemistry and coalchemistry
31 Structural inorganic chemistry
32 Modern physico-chemical methods of analysis
33 Hydrogenation of solid hydrocarbon feedstock
34 Optoelectronic devices
35 Amorphous semiconductors
36 Organic photovoltaics
37 Nanotechnology and renewable energy
38 Mechanics of fluid, analysis of micropumps, ocular fluid mechanics, transport processes in water, numerical methods for solving problems by computer fluid mechanics, gas, heat and mass transfer and combustion , etc.
39 Modern methods of modeling technical and physical processes using computer technology
40 Methods of application of modern software packages for modeling and solving engineering and technical and physical and technical processes
41 Visualization techniques of physical and technical processes based on modern information technology
42 Methods for solving control and diagnostic tasks using computer technology
43 Heat engineering, heat flow meters, radiometer
44 Photoprocesses in organic semiconductors
45 New methods in the spectroscopy of organic molecules and crystals
46 Molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis
47 The mechanisms of functional adaptation to various environmental factors
48 Molecular mechanisms of cell division
49 Modern systematic microbiology
50 Organization and functioning of cell nucleus
51 Bioindication using collembola and oribatid
52 Modern systematization and nomenclature in zoology
53 Phytopathology
54 Bioindication of ponds and air
55 Animal biotechnology
56 Methods of obtaining pluripotent cells
57 Medical biotechnology
58 Determination of lichens (issues of systematization). Biochemical composition of lichens
59 The notion of anthropogenic geomorphology
60 Systematics and biomorphology of alga
61 Biochemical methods for studying the properties of macromolecules
62 Activation of evolutionary and deterministic adaptation mechanisms in humans by prenosological and nosological states
63 Biotechnological utilization of organic industrial waste and agricultural waste
64 Usage of software packages for solving the problems of mechanics
65 Advanced programming languages
66 Technologies of Internet- portals creation
67 Solid state chemistry
68 Laden equations and their applications
69 Discrete random values and their properties
70 Industrial safety and ecology
71 Modern research methods of cytogenetics and their application
72 Calculating experiment and modeling
73 Processing technologies of natural and technogenic raw materials
74 Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials
75 Modern telecommunicational tools and technologies
76 Pharmaceutical chemistry
77 Petrochemistry and coal chemistry
78 Polymers chemistry
79 Electrochemistry
80 Modern physico-chemical methods of analysis
81 Molecular modeling
82 Modern materials engineering
83 Technology of inorganic and composite materials
84 Environment and sustainable development
85 Thermophysics and heat engineering
86 Electronics and electrical engineering
87 Social aspects of production systems and the environment
88 Electric power supply of industrial enterprises
89 Production systems and equipment
90 Environmental Chemistry
91 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
92 Thermal measurement and instrumentation
93 Fundamentals of renewable energy systems, Applied Photovoltaics
94 Physics of electronic phenomena on the surface of the semiconductors, in the heterophase interfaces and quantum-dimensional semiconductor structures, in dielectric layers, in devices of micro-and photoelectronics.

Optoelectronic devices

95 Unsteady optical processes in semiconductor nanostructures
96 Nanocomposite materials for solar and hydrogen energy
97 Automation of production processes
98 Interdisciplinary role of physics in the field of engineering and technology
99 Technical progress and its consequences
100 Computer technologies in science and education
101 Modern physico-chemical research methods
102 Extreme problems in approximation theory
103 Applied problems of structural analysis based on information theory
104 Mathematical models in synergy
105 Numerical methods for solving applied problems
106 Database management systems
107 Modern problems of natural and technical sciences
108 Industrial monitoring and risk analysis
109 Economic problems of modern industrial production
110 Set theory and propositional logic
111 Information security. Methods of information protection. Risk management in information security
112 Radiation physics
113 Photonics of processes on nanoporous solid surfaces
114 Chaos and order
115 Business information systems

International relations and Law

1 Modern methodological approaches in the study of international relations
2 Contemporary challenges of globalization (regional aspect )
3 Actual problems of international relations
4 Diplomatic practice of foreign countries
5 Issues of national security in the 21st century (regional aspect )
6 Central Asia in global policy
7 Security in Central Asia
8 Fundamentals of legal psychology
9 Psychology of criminal behavior
10 Sovereignty and armed humanitarian intervention in the new world order
11 National and international cultural heritage
12 Corporate Law
13 Alternative methods of resolving civil disputes
14 Transport legislation
15 Actual problems of contract law
16 Protection of individual rights in criminal proceedings
17 Crime victimization aspects
18 Legal state and civil society institutions
19 Legal problems of international security
20 International legal regulation of migration
21 International legal responsibility of states
22 International legal regulation in the field of human rights
23 Legal issues of extradition
24 Cultural and humanitarian cooperation of the EU countries
25 Policy of multiculturalism in the EU countries: experience, problems and prospects
26 Institutionalization of power in the EU countries at the present stage
27 New methodological approaches in teaching of international relations
28 Geopolitics of central Europe
29 Integrating Europe
30 Modern problems of international relations : migration processes
31 Relationship and interaction of international law with domestic law
32 Protection of labor rights
33 The modern modesl of the separation of powers in the state
34 New approaches in the typology of the State
35 Classification of modern legal systems
36 Constitutional aspects of child protection
37 Human rights
38 Juvenile justice in foreign countries: experience and prospects
39 International standards and guidelines in criminal proceedings
40 The fight against corruption under the laws of foreign countries
41 Crime prevention in foreign countries
42 Legal regulation of migration processes in the modern period
43 Modern principles of international law
44 Criminal behavior - a theoretical analysis of the wrongful behavior
45 Formation of constitutional state: theory and practice
46 Migration law in the system of constitutional and international law
47 Globalization as a factor of contemporary international relations
48 Measures to combat corruption offenses
49 Problems of the theory and methodology of the history of Europe , European historiography
50 Typology of criminal proceedings
51 Problems of the theory and practice of the constitutional process
52 Ratio of professional and organized crime
53 National standards for the protection of human rights

*Note: topics might be proposed by lecturers themselves.

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