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Requirements for provided manuscript

Editorial Council of Journal «Education and Science without Borders» request authors to follow general rules for placing articles in journal.

General rules to the structure of article

All the articles have to have the following structure:

  • Name of the article (recommended fount — Times New Roman (bold), font size – 14, name of the article typed in capital letters);
  • Full Name(-s), Father’s Name(-s) (Capital Letter and point), Full Family Name(-s) of author(-s) of article, ordered in accordance with Latin alphabet (recommended fount – Times New Roman (bold, italics), font size – 12);
  • Name of Organisation, that author(-s) represents, contact post address, e-mail address of author with whom it would be possible to communicate (recommended fount – Times New Roman (bold, italics), font size – 12);
  • Annotation (Annotation shouldn’t copy the introduction and conclusion of article. The body of annotation shouldn’t exceed 200 words. Recommended fount – Times New Roman, font size – 10. The text of annotation shouldn’t content bibliography references, acronyms, abbreviations, incomprehensible symbols. At the end of annotation should be indicated organisation (grant number, if financing of works on article was succeeded by this organisation;

The capacity of the article mustn’t exceed 12 pages (fount – Times New Roman (bold, italics), font size – 12, interval – 1, 5. Margin: upper – 30 mm, lower – 25 mm, left – 35 mm, right – 15 mm, including Enclosures, bibliography (no more than 15 sources), tables and pictures (no more than 6) The capacity of review article mustn’t exceed 30 pages and 10 pictures, short message – 6 pages. Pages have to be numerated. Text mustn’t content graphical formatting. While typing the text it’s recommended to use automatically punctuate the shifts. Text of the article might include such subdivisions as “Introduction”, “Statement of Problem”, “Methods of Research”, “Results and its Discussion”, “Conclusions”, and etc. Handwritten insertion are not allowed in the text of the article.

Accepted designations encoded in the text of article. Its not allowed to use abbreviations, except generally accepted (etc, i.e.)

Dimension of all physical quantities should correspond to International system of units (SI).

References to the literature quoted in square brackets, e.g. [1], in order of mentioning in the article.

Tables. Tables should be inserted into the text and have the numbers and titles. All columns in the tables should have headings and be separated by vertical lines. The names of rows and columns of the table and its title should be short, but written without abbreviations. Be sure to specify a unit of measurement units.

Images appear only in black and white image as a separate file. In the working field of the image should use the minimum number of alphanumeric designations. It is preferable to include text explanation only in legends. Inclusion of graphical elements in the legends (circles, crosses, etc.) is not allowed. Only high-resolution images should be provided, saved in standard image formats: *. bmp, *. jpg, *. tif *,. al, *. eps, *. gif. Images in formats *. bmp, *. jpg, *. tif., *. gif must be at least 300 dpi / inch. The minimum image size of 90-120 mm, maximum - 130-200 mm. Strokes on the axes should be directed inward, as far as possible used of Times fount, the units on the axes should be given in parentheses.

Photographs should be provided with details that are clearly seen. Copies of the photographs should not have any inscriptions. Photographs are provided in enclosures as separate files in *. jpg or *. tif formats with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

Formulas. When typing formulas it is recommended to use Microsoft Equation formula editor and characters from the "Character Table" within the font Times New Roman. Formulas should be inserted in large size, freely and clearly drawn in a separate line with continuous numbering throughout the article without using the formats *. tif, *. jpg, etc.

List of cited literature (bibliography) should be prepared according to the accepted standard of the journal (see examples). Works in the bibliographical list should be numbered in the order they are mentioned in the text. The links to electronic media are possible. Cited references should be given in a general list at the end of the article:

Examples of drawing up a list of literature

  1. Book:

    [1] Paleev D. Blowup for Nonlinear Hyperbolic Equations. Boston: Progress in Nonlinear Differential Equations and Applications, 1995.

    [2] A.Wayl. Basic Number Theory. Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 1995.

  2. An article in the journal:

    [3] Peterson J., Insensitive functionals, inconsistent gradients, spurious minima, and regularized functionals in flow optimization problems, Int. J. Comput. Fluid Dyn. 16 (2002), p. 171–185.

    [4] Coofe I.D. and Price C.J., Positive bases in numerical optimization, Comput. Optim. Appl. 21 (2003), p. 169–175.

  3. Collection of works of the conference:

    [4] Hovland P., Automatic differentiation and its role in simulation-based optimization, IMA Workshop, Minneapolis, MN, 2003. P. 1363-1369.

  4. Preprint, reports, dissertations, etc.:

    [5] Miatello R. and Podesta R., The spectrum of twisted Dirac operators on compact flat manifolds, preprint (2003). Available at arXiv, math. DG/0312004.

    [6] Tur L.W., A generalized Vandermonde determinant, preprint (2003). Available at

  5. Patent:

    [7] Randall Chris Kurzweil, Generating Visual Art. (US Patent 7,098,917 filed January 22, 2002).

Materials of the article has to be represented in printed version (hardcopy) in two copies and in an identical electronic version on CD / DVD-ROM or by e-mail:,

At the end of the first copy of the article should be specified the section (direction), in which the article should be placed. The first copy has to be signed by all authors.

Electronic version of the paper should include the following files:

  • file with the text of article (*. doc);
  • image file (in the names of these files should specify the figure number and author's name, for example, fig1Smith.jpg,;
  • a text file with captions to pictures;
  • a text file with a list of names of authors, full title of the institution where the research done, zip code, address, phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail authors, title of the section (direction), in which to place the article.

If you send files by e-mail please put the name of the article as the theme of e-mail. You can use *. rar or *. zip files while attaching the article and other necessary documents.